Shipment just unpacked in Brisbane, Oct, 2011

We are serious about importing your mower

We have been shipping between the USA and Australia for over a decade and we know what we are doing and how to get it done. We have containers leaving weekly from the USA to different ports around Australia and can deliver your mower to the port in Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne or Sydney. You collect the mower from the unpack depot after we clear it through Customs and Quarantine.

Advantages of buying from overseas

Cheapest prices on the same/similar mowers.

No local stock While some sellers will try and use the “no local stock” situation as a negative, we see it as a positive.

No local stock means that you get the mower that you want; not the mower that just happens to be in Australia.

No local stock means that you get the newest stock available; not what is available in someone’s warehouse that may have sat around for months. No local stock also means that we do not have to finance the mowers and have that additional expense built into the cost of your mower.

No local stock does mean that you have to wait for the mower that you want however it does mean that you have the freedom to buy direct from the US, to buy exactly what you want with the specifications that you want and at same cost as buyers within the US. We custom order specific models and deliver directly to you for less.

Flat rate price
All costs including purchase, packing, shipping, insurance, unpacking, dock fees and GST already calculated into the price.

Mower Readiness
All mowers are fully assembled and have their pre-delivery service completed and the condition is assessed once they arrive in Australia to ensure they are not damaged and ready to use.

Spare Parts
Replacement parts in most cases are available locally or online there is no need to wait for them to come from the USA.

Over 10 years in the Import/Export industry with hundreds of happy clients.

Don't buy a mower in another state and spend hundreds on transport, have it shipped to your closest port and save more money. We ship to Brisbane every second week. We rotate Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle on the alternate weeks.

Nationwide Warranty
We offer an optional "Same as manufacturer" 2 year warranty for $200 and it will be repaired at a network of independent mower shops. They can be serviced by any reputable mower shop

Invoicing / Payment
We will send you an invoice - not via the ebay checkout system - just like any other business. Payment information will accompany the invoice. Your money is deposited in an Australian bank account with a company that is Australian owned and operated.



• John Deere
• Husqvarna
• Craftsman
• Gravely
• Toro
• Bad Boy
• Ariens
• Hustler
• Ferris
• Kubota
• Stihl
• Simplicity
• Yard Machine
• Swisher
• Snapper
• Poulan



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Disclaimer: is not a mower dealer nor are we an agent or dealer for the brands of mowers we import. only imports products from the USA to Australia. All products imported are genuine factory items and accessories. All prices include import costs, Customs costs, port charges, etc. All mowers and equipment are "C" tick approved and meet Australian Standards AS/NZS CISPR 12:2006. We purchase equipment on your behalf from US retailers that sell John Deere, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Gravely, Toro, Bad Boy, Ariens, Hustler, Ferris, Kubota, Simplicity, Yard Machine, Swisher, Snapper, Poulan etc however we are NOT a representative nor an agent for these or any other manufacturers: John Deere Inc, AU/NZ, Husqvarna AB, Husqvarna AU/NZ, Toro Products Inc, AU/NZ, Andreas Stihl AG or Stihl AU/NZ, Cub Cadet Inc, AU/NZ.